How Do Robo-Advisors Simplify Investment Management For Beginners?

Robo-advisors is one of the new technologies that facilitates the management of investors both during and after the investment process. Robo-advisors, one of the most popular financial service models in the Fintech field in recent years, offer accurate investment strategies by analyzing current data with artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies. Investors who need support in risk management create more profitable portfolios thanks to robo-advisors.

Since robo-advisors use artificial intelligence technologies, the margin of error is much less than manual investment strategies. In this way, investors of all levels can make their investment projects more profitable through robo-advisors. Especially beginner investors can access which asset types and in what proportions they should develop investment projects with the tips provided by robo-advisors.

It can be predicted that robo-advisors will become more widespread in the near future, which will increase competition in investment projects. For this reason, investors who have completed their adaptation with this technology today can have more profitable projects in the future.

What Is A Robo-Advisor, And How Does It Work For Novice Investors?

what is robo-advisors

Robo-advisors are simply automations that analyze market data using technologies such as artificial intelligence. Robo-advisors, which develop investment strategies using algorithms, are very useful for beginner investors. Robo-advisors evaluate the investor’s financial situation, realistic goals and risk tolerance in a short time and recommend the most appropriate strategies.

It then automatically carries out the moves to be made throughout the investment process. Compared to manual investment consultancies, the margin of error is almost non-existent. Robo-advisors, which generally offer the right strategies by analyzing data, offer customized strategies for different investor profiles. This enables the development of appropriate portfolios according to different financial goals and conditions.

How Do Robo-Advisors Customize Investment Portfolios For Individual Goals?

Robo-advisors offer the most successful investment strategies in risk management by analyzing the specific needs and conditions of different customer profiles. The basic working principle of robo-advisors is to take into account the customer’s specific risk tolerance. In addition, investors’ financial goals are also very decisive for different investment strategies.

Robo-advisors, which receive investors’ information and special conditions as data during the onboarding process, analyze this data in a much shorter time compared to manual processes. Robo-advisors offer original investment strategies specific to the individual’s unique situation. This ensures that the most appropriate investment projects are developed in accordance with special conditions.

For example, an investor in retirement or an investor who wants to receive financial services for the purpose of an education fund should get different strategy tips from robo-advisors. This is provided with the information provided during the onboarding process of robo-advisors.

What Are The Costs And Benefits Of Robo-Advisory Services?

Robo-advisors, one of the most popular fintech products of recent years, create the most profitable investment portfolios by automating investment processes and providing many advantages. The most critical benefit of robo-advisors is that it facilitates the development of diversified investment portfolios.

Diversification of portfolios in investment projects managed with traditional banking methods requires long-term market research and consultancy. However, thanks to robo-advisors, this process takes place in a much shorter time and at less cost. Although the fee for the robo-advisors service offered by some platforms is high, it generally provides a great advantage in terms of both time and cost, as it automates investment processes from the onboarding process to the development of investment strategies.

One of the most important advantages of robo-advisors is that it is suitable for investor profiles of all levels and contributes greatly to financial inclusion by increasing accessibility. Thanks to robo-advisors, beginner investors can develop successful investment projects with their limited knowledge. robo-advisors analyze specific conditions that investors have, such as risk tolerance and financial goals, recommend tips for the most profitable investment portfolios and automate the process. This also includes beginner investors in the market.

Are Robo-Advisors Suitable For Long-Term Investment Strategies?

Getting help from robo-advisors will definitely be a very suitable choice for long-term investment strategies. Because robo-advisors analyze big data with the help of technologies such as artificial intelligence, they are likely to be more successful in long-term investment strategies. Thanks to automatic portfolio management, diversified and risk-managed investment strategies are developed.

Especially thanks to the automatic balancing feature, very successful strategies are developed regarding risk tolerance in portfolios. Actions are taken in line with financial goals and robo-advisors are a great choice for long-term savings plans. More general market dynamics rather than daily market research are much more decisive in long-term investment strategies.

For this reason, robo-advisors’ ability to analyze existing data faster and recommend more accurate strategies will also be beneficial for long-term investments.

How Can Beginners Get Started With Robo-Advisors?


If you have an investment plan but are at the beginner level, robo-advisors will be the key for you. First of all, you should research platforms that offer different robo-advisors services. In this process, you should choose a robo-advisors service that is compatible with your financial goals and risk tolerance.

You must then register on your chosen platform and create an account. This stage is called the onboarding process and is a process in which your information is provided. Robo-advisors recommends the most suitable investment portfolio for you in light of this information. Then you can start implementing these strategies by adding funds to your account.

You can easily track your investment performance and take advantage of the automatic balancing feature of robo-advisors. Even if you are a beginner level investor, you will make decisions with a very low margin of error in investment projects, thanks to the technology used by robo-advisors.

You should remember to ensure that the information and financial goals you provide to robo-advisors are realistic and accurate. Even though it is not a very common financial service today, I can foresee that the demand for robo-advisors will increase in the near future.

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