Productivity problem…

With the pandemic, my whole life has changed. 

I do not go tıo the office, I do not go out. I try to stay at home and stay safe. 

The new normal has affected my productivity, but I do believe in positive habits. The world is challenging us to be negative these days and I had difficulty adapting and then I had to obey, retreat and try to start a life at home. 

Here is a list of the things, habits, activities and other stuff that I do to be productive. 

  1. Wake up at the exact time that you plan to wake up. 

Waking up is the first aaction and we promise ourselves that we will wake up at a certain time. Stick to that time. Do not hit snooze. Many people break the promise and wake up later than they plan. If you wake up at the exact time that you plan you will keep the promise that you have made to yourself. This is also about not breaking the habit. 

  1. Dress good, dress for success.

If you look good, you’ll nail it. Looking good will put you in a positive state of mind. Reflect your energy on your clothes. Energy matters.

  1. Mediate 

You’ll have a long day, so before you start rushing, calm down for a moment and look into yourself. You can meditate, read a  few pages, read the newspaper ( not the depressing news obviously), have a cup of coffee or a green tea. Start your day calmly. 

  1. Do not skip meals!

Eat lunch. That is very important. It is a break from work, and a very powerful break to enjoy the lunch you have. Your schedule may be busy but take at least half an hour break to keep your body up and running. 

  1. Create some free time in the afternoon 

Set your goals and spend some time on them. That may be a small step like ditching dairy or a big one like becoming a writerç it doesn’t matter. Free time is the time that you can unwind to reach your potential. 

  1. Don’t let your money manage you

Money means stress and do not let your money stress you. Make purchases and investments within reason. Review your budget regularly, follow where the money is going and create a realistic future with your savings. 

  1. Explore your surroundings 

Break your routines. It is comfortable to have a coffee place and go there every day. You can select a favourite restaurant/bar for lunch too. Order a different dish, meet new people, read a book that is not your genre. Make exploring a new hobby. 

  1. Sleep well

Sleep “actually”. Do not let stress keep you up. Go to your bed and calm down. You can journal to calm your thoughts and beat anxiety. 

Sleep is so undervalued. And some experts say to be productive you need to sleep less. And that is so not true. Seep at least 7 hours daily. Rest your mind, and cherish from yoır well-rested mind the next day. 

These are the main points that I would like to advise you on Self-Improvement, hope that will help you. 

Take care 

Anıl Uzun