R&D Technologies And Market Dynamics

Technological advancements and investments are a result of innovation. New needs and demands drive technological advancement.Especially in the technology field, the user base has constantly changing demands and needs. Perhaps products and services that were not needed in the past can be essential today. As a technology investor, I believe that having a forward-looking perspective will always bring about development. However, we should also make use of our past experiences and expertise while doing so. Technology investors, in particular, should carefully examine how previous ideas arose and evolved.In this research process, they will see that these ideas are the product of different studies and projects. We should also keep in mind that the ideas proposed may have changed 100 times.

Why have thoughts on technological advancements changed? because the ideas proposed are prototypes. They are subjects that need to be worked on. What you see and achieve as a subject may not conform to today’s conditions. Or, the idea may not find its counterpart in the market when it is implemented. The basic motivation for these changes is to provide benefits to users and to be effective in the market. However, this is possible through deep research and analysis. In this sense, R&D studies are among the most valuable resources.

What Do We Mean By R&D Technologies?

What are R&D technologies?

Firstly, a technology venture and investment rely on qualitative research. When you look at a successful technology venture, you will see research and development studies being carried out. Without extensive research, no technology investment or development can be considered successful.For this reason, I can recommend that a technology investor first have knowledge of research and development technologies. A successful investor should work with companies that value research and development technologies. Research and development studies have important outputs in setting goals, planning, and determining strategies.

When we say research and development studies, we mean the testing, trialing, and turning into a business model of new systems that will be introduced. Research and development studies are carried out before new products and services are marketed to users. In fact, I can say that these studies are not only important before marketing but also in the process of setting goals. Because research is at the heart of technological advancements,It is impossible to make any progress without relying on accurate and precise information. Also, even if the development is made, it is necessary to ensure that there is a corresponding product in the market. For example, you have developed a new technological product. But will this product be loved by users? Or, will this product be sold as much as you want? Moreover, is the developed product truly user-oriented? Can a technology entrepreneur or investor who does not answer these questions, in your opinion, achieve success?

As a technology investor, I am sure of this: a technology that is not user-oriented and developed without considering the market will never achieve success. Because the human is at the heart of technology.The studies and developments are for the purpose of making human life easier and providing innovation. We see that investments and ventures will succeed with research and development studies. In this sense, investing without research and development technologies will not be the right decision.

What Should Be Done for R&D?

Research and Development Studies

A technology investment or venture should conduct research studies systematically. In this regard, realistic information should be obtained using the methodical research method. However, research and development studies are not only for acquiring information. Practical applications of this information and data should also be made. The developments and investments made are constantly aimed at new products and services. Therefore, priority should be given to research and development studies in creating the service flow.

When it comes to research and development studies, market research usually comes to mind. However, market research is not sufficient for research and development. It must be understood that research and development studies are not just simple research. These studies do not imply the use of previously used and developed processes. Quality control processes are included in research and development studies, but they do not only cover that. Research and development studies generate innovations in scientific and technological terms. In this sense, companies’ routine data collection activities are not research and development activities. Research and development studies include activities based on scientific foundations, such as basic research, applied research, and experimental developments.

In this sense, I can also say that research and development studies include various expenses. The first category of expenses in the scope of research and development studies is materials and raw materials. Because these studies necessitate a suitable environment and materials,Also, important expenses need to be made for amortization and depletion shares. In these studies, personnel expenses, general expenses, financing, taxes, and services provided from outside are included. The expenses made within the scope of research and development studies ensure the success of investments and ventures. After the necessary costs have been incurred, research and development activities can begin.

How Are R&D Studies Carried Out?

When it comes to research and development in the field of technology, it is one of the most important areas where resources are invested. In this context, various activities are carried out. Firstly, primary research is done, which includes investigation, determination, and identification. In primary research, efforts are made to create a basis for applied research. Primary research is generally used to measure whether the research objectives reflect reality. In this sense, it can be said that it is practically aimed at the goals.

What is accomplished in R&D Studies

In applied research, the information obtained in general is used. In applied research, attempts are made to determine the reasons. To optimize innovations and changes, it is necessary to examine their impact, distinguish, create new tools, and conduct various investigations.In experimental development, evaluations can generally be made at the laboratory level. Additionally, developing different software, creating differences in operating systems, and developing different applications can be evaluated under this study.

Impact of R&D Studies on the Market

R&D Studies and the Technology Market

It is impossible to imagine a technology startup and investment without research and development (R&D) studies. R&D studies guide technological developments and achieve goals. Therefore, through these studies, user-oriented improvements can also be made. In this sense, conducting R&D studies is one of the important elements that ensures the product’s presence in the market. Companies that allocate resources for R&D studies achieve more successful results in the market. After the basic and applied research, a user-oriented improvement has been made that is aimed at user needs and demands. Additionally, in the scope of R&D studies, market share and impact on the market are also researched. Therefore, I can say that these studies are necessary for the technology market.

As a technology investor and entrepreneur, research and development studies bring a certain level of dynamism to the market. These studies are not independent of the market, and the data generated through them also motivates other stakeholders in the industry. In this sense, I can say that research and development studies bring dynamism to technological work. The new ideas and concepts presented as a result of these studies open the way for other innovations in the technology market. Successful research and development studies can lead to the emergence of new services in other sectors. Additionally, these studies involve the changing of goals, the determination of strategies, and the organization of innovations. Therefore, it can also be said that these studies lead to changes in the products and services to be produced.

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