Technology Investment Management

Technology investment, in my opinion, can be considered a future investment because technology is and will continue to be the most important value creator in the future.Technology investment can be seen as supporting the development of something that will make people’s lives easier, change them, and contribute to the world.

Managing technology investments well by supporting the right technology at the right time is key to achieving the right outcome. To do this, it is important to fully understand the meaning and purpose of technology investments. Therefore, in the first stage, I will try to explain to you what technology investment is and why it is done.

What Is “Technology Investment”?

A technology investor

Technology investment refers to investing in developments that support any process, such as trade, marketing, advertising, production, health, management, or communication. The core of technologies is to provide strong support to the field in which they operate.For example, Caller ID systems used in restaurants enable phone orders to be made easily through virtual phones. In restaurant automation, a registered customer page opens directly through searches. The order is then taken more easily.This technology was developed to make ordering automation practical.

Technology investments are particularly investments in technologies developed to make people’s lives easier in the business world and in daily life. For example, if I develop software that allows people to receive health services through online doctor consultations, this is a technology product. Any investor who makes an investment in this technology product that I developed would also be making a technology investment. As a result of this investment, my technology will reach more people and can show further developments.

How Should Technology Investment Management Be Done?

What is technology investment?

Technologies are obtained through ideas, developments, trials, and results. For example, human resources management software was originally an idea. Despite being a technology that has existed for almost 50 years, it went through certain developments and trials before it became a widely used tool today to make management and organization easier.

When it comes to investing in technology, different phases can be involved. For example, an investment can be made in the idea phase of a technology, such as in the development of fertilizer from tea leaves. But it is important to manage the investment effectively as well. Firstly, you need to personally believe in the idea and see its potential for success.

Investing in technology can bring successful results as long as it is a good idea or has clear steps and a convincing outcome. Therefore, just hearing a logical explanation of an idea is not enough; it is important to research the idea, see if it can produce logical results, and truly believe it is worth investing in. This way, you can invest in a technology that you believe will bring successful results.

Having a controlled or experienced management is one of the most important aspects of investing in technology.Therefore, investing in technology should start with selecting the right technology with experienced management and continue with making investments for its proper development. Technologies that are successful in bringing results can turn into investments in businesses and products or services that reach people. An experienced technology investor will manage this process step by step and will always have a backup plan in case something goes wrong.

Do I Need This Technology?

Which technology should be invested in?

While some technologies have become necessary parts of our lives, others are technologies that we use occasionally. For example, a fruit drying machine is a technology that is not strictly necessary, as fruits can be dried in the sun, in an oven, or in a suitable environment during the appropriate season. However, computers have proven to be a necessity since the day they were first introduced to the market. Therefore, by investing in the right technology for computers, we have been able to reach the present day.

What Requirements Does This Technology Meet?

It is essential for technologies to meet specific needs and be able to provide useful results for these needs. For example, smartphones replaced previous mobile phones while providing advantages such as internet usage, television viewing, book reading, and gaming. In other words, it satisfied people’s desire to carry a computer in their pocket.

Some technologies are successful in the health sector, while others are successful in the food sector. For example, food separators in industry are useful for separating fruits such as oranges and apples by size or color. Ultrasonic devices used in farms are a good technology for easily diagnosing the pregnancy or illness of animals. Therefore, these technologies are worth investing in because they respond to specific needs in the right direction.

How Should The Management Process Be After Technology Investments?

Technology Investment Management Process

When you believe in the necessity and benefit of a technology, you may prefer to make an investment in that technology. After taking this first step, the management process for the technology should be considered. For example, if you have an idea for the technological development of a washing machine that works without detergent in the field of cleaning, you can research the idea and make an investment if you find it beneficial.

When making the investment decision for the detergent-free washing machine, budget planning is necessary. As an investor, it is correct to create a budget plan with the people who developed the idea and proceed accordingly. The budget plan should provide sufficient support for all the research to be done, the physical needs required, and the work schedule for the technology. However, only creating this support and starting the work is not enough. Because an individual who wants to manage technology investments should constantly control the budget plan to ensure that the investment is progressing correctly,

Technology experiences should be followed as the investment progresses with a sufficient budget.With each step of testing, the technology should get closer to success.The investor should always be a follower of the technology that he invests in. This follow-up continues until the technology is ready, and it ensures success. As an investor, it is important not to stop your support when you see a successful result from the technology.

When you achieve success by following it at every point, you can make partnerships and transfer transactions for the technology to become an enterprise. That is, partnerships can be formed with different investors, or a different investor can support and continue this project. In any case, you should also be involved in making the technology into a product or service that provides benefits to people.

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