The Future of Technology Investments in Europe

Throughout history, the development of European societies has been rapid. Especially after the Enlightenment, European societies have developed themselves in terms of technology. Many steps have been taken, such as the implementation of the Industrial Revolution and the invention of machines, engines, and factories. Each of these steps shows how much importance Europe places on technology. In fact, even though Japan, Korea, and China, as well as the United States, come to mind when talking about technology today, European societies have important investments in this field as well.

Technology investments create a place that is more accepted and demanded in Europe. Even Turkish-originated technology investments have a wide acceptance rate in Europe. For example, in recent years in Europe, Turkish investments have also appeared among the largest technology investments. Turkey is among the countries that invest the most in Europe, and people find the technologies, workforce, and intelligence Turkey offers to be useful.

The Most Important Technology Investments In Europe

Technology investors in Europe

When examining the most important technology investments in Europe, fintech investments are often seen on lists. FinTech is a term that combines the terms finance and technology.It means financial technology but also refers to technologies developed to make it easier to access traditional financial services. In this sense, European countries pay attention not only to financial investments but also to technological investments in this field.

In Europe, FinTech investments stand out among technology investments; for example, seven FinTech projects can be seen among the largest investments of 2022. Examples of these technology investments include the French Qonto, the Düsseldorf-based consumer credit initiative Auxmoney, and the London-based payment initiative SumUp. With these financial technology investments, Europe’s most invested field in technology is also one of the fields where sports content is broadcast live.

Digital Technology Investments In European Societies

Digital technologies and FinTech

In European societies, digital technology investments have reached almost the highest point in terms of health, industry, computer, trade, or management. For example, in Germany, an integrated system has been achieved with all medical devices, business systems, management systems, and software in terms of health technology. Similarly, trade, industry, and management have also reached the highest levels in technology. Therefore, in European states such as Germany, England, France, Italy, and other high-budget, wealthy European states, technology investments have begun to shift to the digital environment.

The continuous development of digital technologies can also be seen as the future of technology investments in Europe. For example, Metaverse, NFT, FinTech, gaming technologies, and betting technologies are among the most desired technologies in dozens of European countries. While technology investors in European countries are turning to digital technologies, they can allocate large budgets for the development of these types of technologies. Because Europeans can easily find the technology they need in their daily lives and business lives, Therefore, they are looking for new technologies that will complete their lives, add color, and create excitement.

Digital Technologies In Europe

European Technology Champions Initiative

At this point, I would like to tell you about interesting technologies in Europe, but in fact, you already know them all. For example, cryptocurrencies are among the world’s most popular technologies, creating a technology that is both rising and falling. NFT, or Non-Fungible Token, is translated into our language as “qualified intellectual property” and refers to the unique storage of digital assets on the blockchain. Today, many people in Turkey cannot find the budget for NFT investments, but European societies can make very large investments in NFT.

European companies want to focus on people’s physical and mental abilities in digital technologies.They are trying to develop digital and data-based technologies to take these abilities to a higher level. Companies, especially in France, Germany, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom, are focusing on these studies. Many companies are appointing key managers who can develop digital technologies within the company and creating innovation teams.

Digital technology investments in Europe are particularly focused on travel, finance, service, and entertainment technologies. In this sense, they also research what triggers innovation and what is needed for implementation. European technology companies, for example, are investing in the topic of how digital technologies create motivation and how it is applied in digital technologies.The investment result focuses on how people will benefit from this technology in the future and how innovations will be created in companies. Because in this way, a digital transformation can be achieved.

What Do Technology Investments In Europe Promise?

When investing in financial and digital technologies in European countries, important goals are present for the future. Because when investing in a technology, the design and completion of the investment process are also taken into consideration. After the completion of the process, the question of whether a good organization can be achieved with the innovation encouraged and how success can be reached is also considered. In Europe, technology investments are made with the help of angel investors, companies, funds, and public resources.

In fact, European countries also aim to achieve higher incomes with the technology investments they make. Especially when making FinTech investments, the focus is on how these investments benefit people and provide great benefits for investors. If an investment helps people save and earn, it is considered valuable. This investment that benefits people is also considered a valuable technology investment for investors.

European Countries Are Forming A Union In Technology Investment

New technology investments in Europe

Many European countries are aware that technology has become a very big necessity today. Because of this necessity, each country allocates a significant portion of its budget to invest in technological developments. An example of this in numbers is that in the first months of 2022, Germany, France, and 16 EU countries took important steps. In total, 18 European countries established a fund of 10 billion euros to support technology ventures through public resources. The countries are listed as follows:



















The 18 countries listed on the list signed a joint statement, and especially Germany and France allocated 1 billion euros for this fund. Furthermore, the countries aim for entrepreneurs in EU countries to be less dependent on US and Asian investors with this fund. Today, this fund, which is called the European Technology Champions Initiative, is managed by the European Investment Fund and supports many technology ventures and digital technologies with investment.

As well as the support provided by the countries in Europe, it can also be said that Europeans also stand out in technology investment. because European entrepreneurs are considering investing in and taking into account technologies that young people, in particular, can offer.When the technology trends of recent years are examined, the place of technology in daily life is increasingly accepted. For example, in this regard, new technology trends that support data sharing and cloud usage and support blockchain technologies are emerging.

European countries and Europeans are particularly focusing on remote working, social distancing, and service or product acquisition based on location, especially after the coronavirus pandemic. Even Bill Gates has emphasized that technological advancements in 2021 and beyond will prioritize technologies that support remote working and social distancing. Therefore, it can be said that the technological investments of European countries and Europeans will be directed towards these areas in the future.

Currently in Europe, cloud technologies, blockchain technology, augmented reality, metaverse, and artificial intelligence are becoming increasingly prominent. Technologies that make people’s home and work lives easier, such as automation, smart devices, products obtained from 3D printers, and even treatment options, as well as the ability to obtain software without coding, are also emerging. In this sense, the future of technology investments in Europe is not focused on producing new devices, phones, or household appliances, but on achieving digital technologies and results that can be beyond imagination.

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