Top Five Countries for Foreign Investors

Since the World has changed dramatically, it has also affected our perception of identity, borders, and belongingness. However, it did not happen out of the blue; on the contrary, gradual progress is there to be observed on personal and state levels. So, it is not a coincidence that researchers from various fundamental disciplines like sociology, economics, and many others focus on the result of this paradigm shift day by day.  

The combined effect of an easier-to-reach aviation market and limitless communication opportunities deriving from easy-to-achieve internet services sculpted our perception of others into something better on a personal level. So, today, as an inevitable result, there is nothing left we can refer to as ‘others.’ International cooperation didn’t fail to reach this new ideology, and foreign investment became a more attractive concept for today’s businesspeople.

But how did it happen? How come we can think broader than any time else in history? How did ordinary people become international investors, and most importantly, which countries are the rising stars of the foreign investment country attraction competition? Here are some of the most appealing countries for those who believe their destiny lies beyond their borders. 



Michelangelo sculpted David, and we still all admire it with intense emotions. When he started his sculpture, he only had the marble in front of him, and David was nothing but a delusion in his genius mind. 

The United Arabian Emirates has a lot of similarities with this wonder of art in terms of architecture. Almost everyone knows the Palm Islands, and a great majority call them the 8th miracle of the World since they are man-made artificial islands. While creating them, the United Arabian Emirates respected sustainability rules as well. Doesn’t it show you anything? If the United Arabian Emirates is capable of creating heaven on earth, would there be anything they can not succeed in? 

For quite some time, the United Arabian Emirates has offered citizenship to a remarkable number of people from all over the World. There is a legal regulation regarding citizenship for investors, inventors, specialists, scientists, engineers, artists, individuals with creative talents, doctors, and writers, including their families! Isn’t it awesome to invest in one of the rare places respecting intellectuals? 

You may apply for citizenship if you are a qualified professional within one of those fields or have patent rights. You may also get your United Arabian Emirates citizenship through investments. For this case, you must own a property within United Arabian Emirates territories. 

Agricultural, manufacturing, and services sectors are permitted foreign direct investment activities. There also are prohibited economic activities for foreign investors. These include banking and finance systems and dealing with cash, exploration and production of petroleum, Hajj and Umrah services, and others. The prohibited activities are listed in article 7 of the Foreign Direct Investment Law of the United Arabian Emirates. 

But if you are interested in investing in the United Arabian Emirates, and if you are an Anglophone, there is nothing to worry about experiencing a language barrier since English is among the common languages within the territory. 

However, there is an important note to make. You must be aware of the region’s heat! The average temperature is not lower than 33 degrees, and it reaches up to 50 degrees in the summer! Get ready to have your air conditioner as your best friend there! Apart from that, we should underline that the United Arabian Emirates is the first place we should consider when discussing luxury! The feeling of extravagance surrounding you surely compensates for the heat! 




As a part of the European Union, Poland creates another attraction centre by considering its geographical location. You may have your new investment in the middle of Europe while benefiting from the free movement of people. Enjoy your time while making investments by travelling in the EU; being a part of the European lifestyle full of arts, history, and culture.

As we all know, the European Union has almost the same meaning with stability and predictability; therefore, Poland offers an efficient and convenient environment for foreign investors. Poland’s experienced labour force in engineering and energy, covering also renewable energy, pharmaceuticals & biotechnology, gaming, and furniture, amongst other sectors, offers a wide range of options for those who don’t want to be stuck with limited options.

Additionally, the language doesn’t create a barrier for foreign investors because nearly fifteen million people in Poland speak English as a second language. Since Poland is a member of the EU, you may benefit from accessing legal texts in other languages but Polish. That also creates room for your independence in terms of accessing information. Isn’t it great?

However, unfortunately, Poland does not offer its citizenship to investors through investment. Suppose you invest in Poland, fall in love with its nature and culture, and decide to continue your life there. In that case, you must start your journey by obtaining a residence permit and following the rules regarding staying within Polish territory for the desired period. Only after that may you apply for your new citizenship, which comes with a great and lifelong bonus; EU Passport! That is hitting two birds with one stone! 



For various reasons, Singapore is one of the most preferred places for foreign investors. Singapore’s biggest foreign investing countries are the United States, Japan, and the Netherlands. That shows that for both eastern and western investors, Singapore is a centre of attraction. Located between the world’s most exotic countries, Malaysia and Indonesia, Singapore offers a warm welcome to foreign investors with its 49% per cent Anglophone society. 

As an Island country, it offers tremendous sea transportation advantages thanks to the well-developed hubs, which make Singapore even more desirable for foreign investors. No need to mention the geographical advantages as the door opening to Asia! There are loans, incentives, tax deductions, and many other privileges for foreign investors, although it doesn’t have a foreign direct investment regulation. Thanks to the policies adopted to attract overseas foreign investors, Singapore adds a lot to its charm in terms of business. 

The global network in Singapore will create new opportunities for you to expand your business journey with the help of the skilled, ambitious, and young labour force. If discussing seizing the day, Singapore offers an excellent infrastructure for digital connectivity, which is a value-added for your operations. 

Additionally, Singapore is a great place to live! According to the statistics, it is the 5th best city in Asia-Pacific, and safety is not even an issue to consider. You can enjoy your long walks at night without worrying about anything! Singapore’s unique cuisine and green nature raise the appetite of many foreign investors. Everyone wants to enjoy their lives while doing business, so Singapore is an excellent choice to make your foreign investments. No need to note that city attractions like nightlife, arts, and sports are there for you to enjoy your free time. Finally, the health care system in Singapore is a world-class service, which means your safety in Singapore is guaranteed by all means! 

The range of investments in Singapore varies from energy to chemicals and IT to medical technologies. You can invest almost in every sector, so the limit is only your imagination! You may also acquire your Singapore citizenship by investments. You should invest a minimum of 2,500,000.00 USD in a new or existing business or an investment fund. 



Napoleon once said, “If the world were only one country, Istanbul would be its capital!” See the appeal? Türkiye, as the owner of the mega city İstanbul, awaits foreign investors. 

For some people, the country is still called Turkey; however, significant steps have been taken to recognise Turkiye by its name in the Turkish language. The geographical advantages of Turkiye are countless. For European investors, it symbolises a bridge between Europe and Asia, ending in lower transport costs. On the other hand, it indeed identifies with a door opening to the European market for eastern investors. 

It is a must to underline that the multi-cultural environment of Turkiye made it a desirable option in terms of foreign investors for decades. Although the official language may be unfamiliar for many foreign investors, 17% of the population speaks English as their second language. With its approximately nine million college graduates, Turkey raises its hands for a suitable place to access a skilled, productive, and young labour force. 

Additionally, the natural beauty and attractive climate embrace any newcomers with warm hospitality, so your investment can turn into a lifelong adventure in this beautiful territory. While making investments, one should also consider the quality of living, isn’t it true? 

Also, Turkish citizenship is not far away. By acquiring a property worth a minimum of 400,000.00 USD, making a minimum fixed capital investment of 500,000.00 USD, depositing a minimum of 500,000.00 USD without withdrawing for three years, buying government boards worth a minimum of 500,000.00 USD, creating jobs for at least 50 people are some of the options that will make you both an investor in Turkey, and turn you into a Turkish citizen. 

Besides those advantages, Türkiye offers excellent incentives for foreign investors within a wide range. Free zones, tax privileges, and many others await foreign investors—no need to underline that steps for further innovations and improvements continue to be taken uninterruptedly.



Everyone likes Bollywood, which undoubtedly is influenced by the Indian lifestyle and culture. The colours of clothes, close family relationships, and friendships are on the top of the list if one thinks of India and constitute proof of a harmonious society. If you want to invest in a foreign country, having a cooperative society is one of the fundamentals since you will spend quite some time up there, and also, the majority of your labour force will be based on the locals. 


As an inevitable result of being a former British colony, English is a commonly used language. According to data, India is the second largest Anglophone country; however, Indians still maintain their numerous local languages. Multiculturalism is not something new in this territory! 


The high GDP growth rate, government policies to increase foreign investments, and low oil rates make India even more desirable for many foreign investors! We all know the significant number of the young population in India. Additionally, India is famous for its engineers in various fields, from IT to mechanical engineering. So, while investing in India, you will benefit from this precious know-how of worldwide engineers! 


The areas to invest in are also countless in India, including but not limited to agriculture, IT, consumer goods, infrastructure, energy, and many other sectors awaiting foreign investors. At this point, one must also consider the substantial Indian market’s benefits for investors. You may plan to export your goods to other destinations but don’t underestimate the domestic potential as an alternative market!