Who Are Startups Targeting?

The term “startup,“ which was first used in Silicon Valley years ago, is also perceived as entrepreneurship in our country. However, I can say clearly that entrepreneurship and startups are completely different. An entrepreneur may want to establish a company and can start by targeting a specific product or service. But in startup projects, the main point is to solve an existing problem.

A startup is to develop an idea, product, or service by using any technology that comes to mind to provide answers to needs and solve existing problems. Although it is assumed to be the equivalent of „girişim“ in Turkish, it should actually be understood as „beginning“ or „start.“ Because truly creating a venture to solve a problem requires starting from scratch, startup projects can solve big problems with a small team without having to have a lot of money.

How Are Startup Companies Established?

What is a startup?

Startup companies, which were first seen in America, have also quickly spread in Turkey. This is because there has been a need for solutions to many problems that have been known in Turkey for many years been a need for solutions to many problems that have been known in Turkey for many years. While startup companies provide solutions to these needs with their establishment, they have also earned the right to be successful. Of course, there are also startup ventures that have not been successful and have not achieved what they wanted. In this sense, it is important to have a good organization, even if you find a solution.

In order to establish a good startup company, detailed research is first needed. For example, you should first determine which problem you want to solve. A solution that has been developed to make it easy for people to buy bus tickets online can be seen as a successful startup today. In fact, ideas for startup establishments often emerge from problems that are around you. The needs and problems of the people around you can give you an idea for a business. Then you can take the first step toward establishing a startup establishment with this idea.

In order to establish a startup, it is necessary to correctly perform each step. These start-up businesses can quickly achieve success and develop and grow in an unplanned manner.That’s why unexpected growth must also be planned in advance. For example, if you are going to create a permanent solution for payment systems, the project you will start can be permanent in the future. In this case, you need to make plans for a new personnel structure, a new financing structure, and a new management structure in advance.

Installation Steps For Startups

The first step in the installation process for startups is to have a business plan. The business plan determines the structure of the company, expresses its purpose, and determines its management style. Competitors are taken into account in the solution you will develop. A good team is established and each member of the team takes on multiple roles. Financial plans are made and initial and future strategies are determined.

One of the most important points for startup projects is funding. At this point, if you want to start a startup that will really create a solution and have a great idea, you may not have the budget. There may be someone in your environment who has such an idea and wants to start a startup. In this case, a technology investor may be a financier for startup ventures by evaluating such opportunities, also known as an angel investor.

Startup setup

Startup projects are often put on hold because individuals who have great ideas and even the ability to succeed do not have the budget. However, some projects are so great that they can quickly become national and even global. With good organizational support, investor support and technology investor interest, this project can also be successful.

If the budget has been set and a business plan has been made for a startup project, the target audience needs to be identified. Yes, you may have an idea for a food sector startup project, but you may not be able to choose the target audience to which you will direct this idea. First of all, you need to determine a customer profile and identify the target audience. In this regard, it will be possible to choose the right target audience based on the problem you will meet or the solution you will provide.

When you create a model that shows how you will do the job and what you will provide in the project, you can also reach the result. When you have your model and your budget or have received investment, you can now move on to the installation phase. During the installation phase, you can reveal the deficiencies or pluses by experiencing the product or service you will offer. If a software is required for the startup, you can see your own potential and investor potential with an example software or an example product if a product is required.

Who Is The Target Audience For Startups?

Target audience selection in startup projects

Successful startup examples, both in Turkey and globally, have always managed to identify the correct target audience. For example, in Turkey, many startup projects were established during the pandemic period, especially in isolation, to deliver food orders, grocery orders, or home shopping orders to your doorstep as quickly as possible. Similarly, during the same period, with the growth of e-commerce, startups were able to reach the right targets with examples of reliable payment systems that were needed.

Looking at different startup examples worldwide, for example, Uber once served in Turkey. It was then banned and withdrawn from the market. However, Uber, which is still very popular worldwide, enables car owners to make money by providing taxi services. Uber, which is an alternative to traditional taxi services, is one of the largest startup projects in the world. Such projects are considered successful because they have identified their target audience very accurately, both for those who will be employed and those who will receive the service/product.

When startup projects identify the target audience correctly and take the right steps, they can achieve success. For example, you can start a startup project to deliver books to people’s homes. Your goal may be to find the book that the target audience is looking for in their city and deliver it to them on the same day. Such a startup project includes different segments within the target audience.

If you are planning to start a startup project like book distribution, you should first target the bookstores in your region. This is important because these bookstores should be able to supply the book that the customer wants. In this sense, every business that can provide books from a national book store to a local shop and from a supermarket to a stationery store should be included in the target.

On the customer side of the example project, of course, the intellectual audience who loves reading books is included. This audience is influenced by a select vision due to their intellectual structure. It is important to create an elite structure from the software you will use to the prices you will implement and from your courier personnel to the management system in order to provide the desired vision. Because in a business that deals with books every day, everyone present should be interested in books and be able to show respect to the reader or the work.

Achieving Success In Startup Projects

Successful startup examples

As seen in the book distribution example, in order to achieve success in startup projects, it is necessary to select the target audience correctly and establish an organization according to the target audience. Once this organization is obtained, it is quite possible to achieve success, just like many startup examples in Turkey and around the world. This is because startups are generally established temporarily. Because they do not have long-term plans like a company. Startup projects, which generally start with a trial based on a main idea, can turn into a long-term and large project when a good solution is provided.

When important points are examined for the keys to startup success, the first priority is to provide innovation. In other words, the product, service or solution you have found should have turned into an innovation by being nourished by creativity. As it is known, innovation is to develop an existing product or service and create a new solution or meet a need. In addition, if the foundation of the startup is established with consistent ideas that can see the future by always accepting risks, success can be achieved.

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